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Over the years we have provided the Greater Toronto Area with exceptional automatic swing doors service. UTS Automatic Doors Toronto has built a trusted reputation for quality, integrity, and affordable service. Whether you need a handicap door or one of our many swinging door options; we can install and service the right door for you. Our experts are dedicated to ensuring you receive the most efficient service in the region.

The Installation Process

The swing door installation process entails a lot of detail oriented work. It is imperative that the unit is installed per manufacturer’s instructions to ensure a durable, safe, and effective operation. Our specialists are very knowledgeable and will service all makes and models of automatic swing door operators. There are a variety of door options to choose from and they may operate differently. The three most commonly utilized types include the full energy, low energy, and the power assist. The full energy model opens fast, the low energy opens slowly, and the power assist opens slowly as you push it.

The full energy and low energy doors are prompted to open in several ways. The use of an approach sensor is very common. When you walk up to the door the sensor initiates the opening process. There is also a push button method. You push the button and the doors open. With the push and go method the doors begin opening automatically with a push. Last, but not least, is the access control method. This method requires you to slide a card, enter a code, or use a fingerprint to gain entrance. We can install all of these options for you.

Repair You Can Count On

We offer automatic swing door repair in Toronto around the clock. Our mobile units are always stocked with top quality replacement parts to ensure rapid repair service. We suggest that you always consider an automatic swing door maintenance option to keep your doors in outstanding condition. Our experts at Toronto UTS Automatic Doors will provide exceptional repair or maintenance service at your convenience. Call us first for prompt and affordable service.

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