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Running a good business isn’t just about providing the right service or products to your customers, but also providing them with a welcoming atmosphere. Handicapped persons may not feel welcomed if your public business isn’t equipped with handicap doors and door operators. The good thing about our company is that we help companies like yours that are in need of professional commercial handicap door operators service, and for a price that won’t set your business back.

UTS Automatic Doors Toronto offers specialized crews with the innate ability to provide handicap door opener service, from repairs to installation of all the products in this industry. Whether you need a simple handicap door with a normal commercial handicap door opener, or a more complex design that features handicap automatic door openers; we’ve got you covered.

Most of our customers will likely need new installations, and we have the perfect answer for that. Our handicap door opener installation will ensure the proper installation of any handicap door system. Toronto UTS Automatic Doors can install handicap doors that require only a press of a button, conveniently mounted for your customers benefit, as well as more complex doors such as automatic sliding doors that will slide open when your customers pass close by. These types of doors make it a cinch for handicapped persons to easily enter and exit your business location.

If you have a pre-existing handicap door opener system installed that needs to be fixed, Our Company provides professional handicap door opener repair services that will ensure the expert repair of your doors and motors. Our services can be yours with just a quick phone call to one of our friendly representatives who are awaiting your call. We use state of the art tools and parts to ensure you receive the best service possible.

Choose UTS Automatic Doors Toronto today for the best handicap door operators service in the Toronto area!

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